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Envitus H2O is an ergonomically designed solution for continuous real time water quality and water level monitoring systems. These portable monitors can be easily deployed and installed in your water tanks ideal for domestic water monitoring

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hydroU water monitors ensure safe water by providing real time insights on the water quality. These rugged and portable
monitors can be easily installed inside the water tanks to provide continuous water quality information.

High quality sensors

Rugged sensors

Non Corrosive

Waterproof probe




GSM : 2G/3G/4G/5G 




Real-time continuous measurement of: TDS , pH , Temperature , Chlorine and Dissolve Oxygen.


Real-time continuous measurement of: pH , Conductivity and Temperature.


Our solutions enable people and communities to continuously monitor real time water quality levels. It helps in identifying, monitoring, creating awareness on water pollution in homes, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. to ensure safe water, sustainable aquatic life and prevent contamination by industries, waste disposal etc.


Residential flats

Treatment Plants

Small water bodies

Fish farms

Case Studies

EnvitusAIR in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most air polluted city in the World and is under constant watchbsuch as to reduce pollution by implementing different policies.

EnvitusAIR in Nagpur

NSC uses EnvitusAIR portable real-time monitoring devices to acquire high temporal resolution air quality pollution data for an Environmental assessment to determine the air pollution levels in the city.

EnvitusAIR in Malaysia

EnvitusAir is providing continuous Real-time air pollution monitoring gives Kuala Lumpur EPA new insight into air pollution.

EnvitusAIR in Chennai

TEC wanted to ensure that their customers are working in an healthy environment by monitoring air pollution and decided to place EnvitusAIR in their campus.