Measure Monitor Manage City’s 

Environmental Data 

Portable devices to measure block by block environmental data with AI powered cloud platform for live, historic and forecasted environmental information 

Environmental Solutions


Envitus Water enables people and communities to continuously monitor real time water quality levels to ensure safe water

Envitus Soil monitors soil quality levels to ensure optimum levels for agricultural ecosystems and safe levels for preserving ecology

Enabling Safety of Citizens and quick response of emergency services

Words About Us

The Envitus team has immense experience in manufacturing environmental monitoring devices with large scale deployments. The team strives to make environmental data more accessible to both government agencies and citizens.

Real Time and highly localized data for everyone.

Enabling people, communities, companies and governments to make informed environmental decisions. Our portable sensor-based monitors are for monitoring, alerting, compliance monitoring and other special purposes.

Environmental Quality Index

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring 

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 

Water Quality Monitoring : Residential

Water Quality Monitoring : Water bodies 

In-situ soil Quality Monitoring 

Weather Monitoring 

Flood Monitoring 

Panic buttons & emergency call boxes 

Deployments in Smart Cities, Municipalities, communities, hospitals and buildings

Real time location based Environmental data for cognitive decisions

Envitus loT Suite is cloud based software plaform that providers insights to environmental data. Envitus suite is a Saas platform that can be deployed in public and private cloud infrastructure. The suite is flexible modular and customizable.

AquireAnalyzeAwareActionable Intelligence
  • Dense Urban Monitoring Networks 
  • Supports Over 20 Pollutants 
  • IoT Enabled 
  • Envitus Suite to easily view, and analyze, data from multiple sensors and locations 
  • Custom reports and analysis 
  • Visualize data in real-time 
  • Customize pollutant threshold for automated alerts and push notifications 
  • Micro climate system ensure quick and accurate air quality. 
  • Real-time microclimatic data measurements enables quick action to improve quality of life  

Actionable Intelligence

An ergonomically designed solution to enable people and communities, villages, panchayaths, cities and countries to make cognitive decisions based on real time data. Envitus is wireless sensor platform that can integrate multiple sensors based on the requirement of each community. Each community has different problems. We provide fully customizable and scalable platform tailor made for the local environment.

Real time analytics for intelligent actions

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring 

Continuously monitor real time air pollution levels, to develop solutions and policies for healthier tomorrow

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 

Enabling households and enterprise to understand and improve indoor air quality.

Water Quality Monitoring : Residential

It is an advanced water quality monitoring system ideal for drinking water monitoring applications.

Water Quality Monitoring : Water bodies 

Ergonomically designed solutions for continuous real time water quality monitoring and remote water level & flood monitoring systems.

In-situ Soil Quality Monitoring 

Remote sensing technology is used for monitoring and managing farming resources to enable data driven decision making.



It is an advanced automatic weather stations capable of monitoring multiple ambient air and weather parameters.



It is an advanced flood monitor is used to monitor water bodies, streams and rivers especially in flood prone areas.

Panic buttons & ECB

For safety of citizens and quick response of emergency services, Envitus Emergency Response Systems such as Panic buttons, SOS buttons and emergency call boxes are deployed at chosen sites.

Rapidly changing environment, urbanization is increasing day by day, need for close interaction between various stakeholder and to promote citizen-driven interventions, we are in imminent need to make our communities continuously smarter.  

An ergonomically designed solution for cities, municipalities, panchayaths and people. Solutions for AIR, WATER, SOIL, DISASTER MANAGEMENT, EMERGENCY RESPONSE powered with proprietary AI cloud platform, Envitus loT Suite, for live, historic and forecasted information. 

Envitus is wireless sensor platform to remotely and continuously monitor various environmental parameters on real time. The customizable platform can integrate multiple sensors based on the requirement of each community.