What are the different sensor products?

We have solutions catering to:

  • Ambient Air

  • Household or indoor air

  •  Inland Water bodies

  •  Manmade water bodies

  • Soil

  • Disaster Management

  • Emergency Response

What are the different sensors supported?

Our Ambient air quality monitors have the capability to detect more than 20+ parameters:

  • CO2

  • NO2

  • O3

  • CO

  • SO2

  • C6H6

  • AsH3

  • VOC

  • H2S

  • NO

  • PM2.5

  • PM10

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Pressure

  • Noise

  • Light

  • UV

  • Rain

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

What are the different Enclosure Rating?

We either use the project management methods we follow or comply with the customer’s project management methods. We are TUV-SUD certified for ISO 9001 and 14001. We follow ISO 27001 practices.

Why two sensors placed side by side may give different readings?

All our device enclosures are IP 54 and 65 certified.

 How to calibrate sensors?

All our device enclosures are IP 54 and 65 certified.

How do I configure settings?

All devices come pre-configured at the factory to customer specified parameters. Further changes can be made via the Device Configuration Page, the details of which are present in the user manual provided.

Who to contact for support?

You can write to us at support@alcodex.com for any support related activities.