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Ambient Air

Enabling Communities, panchayaths, municipalities and cities with Real time, hyperlocal Air Quality data for Cognitive Decision making.

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It is a compact, elegantly designed, and a cost effective hyperlocal solution for air quality monitoring. ENVITUS enables governments and citizens understand the air we breathe. These portable monitors can be easily deployed and installed at different locations of the city to enable communities to make better informed environmental decisions.


Solutions enable people and communities to continuously monitor real time air pollution levels, to develop solutions and policies for healthier tomorrow and to create widespread macro level and hyperlocal environmental awareness among people. We help in identifying, monitoring, creating awareness on air pollution from natural and anthropogenic sources.

Envitus Ambient AIR is a Portable device to measure block by block air data with AI powered IoT suite for live, historic and forecasted air quality information


Supports over 20 pollutants.
IoT enabled.
Communication technologies: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, 6lowpan, Zigbee, LoRa, Ethernet.

Web Dashboard and Mobile App to easily view, and analyze, data from multiple sensors and locations.
Custom reports and analysis.

Visualize data in real-time.
Customize pollutant threshold for automated alerts and push notifications.

Actionable Intelligence
Micro climate system ensure quick and accurate air quality.
Real-time hyperlocal air data measurements enable quick action to improve quality of life.

Ambient Air Quality Monitors

Plug and Play Portable devices that can be easily deployed.

Supports 20+ pollutants and multiple connectivity protocols.

Reliability at affordable prices

IoT Suite

Supreme UX
Web dashboards
Citizen Mobile App
Supreme analytics engine with Custom reports & Data modelling features

Power adapters
Mounting accessories

Envitus Ambient Air Solutions helps in identifying, monitoring, creating awareness on air pollution from natural and anthropogenic sources.

Natural Sources: Identify and monitor Natural sources of air pollution such as Forest Fire, Dust Storm. Envitus in conjunction with other government departments can build local predictive environment models to mitigate the impact of air pollution from natural sources.

Anthropogenic sources:

  • Motor Vehicles: Identify major pollutants and levels of pollution
  • Industries: Continuously monitor pollutant emissions from Power generation plants, Industrial facilities, manufacturing factories, mines, and oil refineries for quick response and action against any exceeding the permissible threshold.
  • Incineration/burning Continuously monitor Municipal and agricultural waste sites and waste incineration/burning sites and devise policies and best practices to reduce the levels of pollution.

Supports over 20 ambient air parameters

Some Application Areas

  • Industries
  • Agricultural Contaminants sites
  • Street
  • Factories
  • Tunnels
  • Parks
  • Airports
  • Burning / Incineration Sites
  • Railway Stations
  • Markets

Envitus, has been currently deployed in 250+ locations. The device is customizable and scalable to custom requirement and is capable of monitoring 20+ pollutants


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